Our Model

Two Diplomas

At WAY American School, students are able to earn two distinct diplomas to help students interested in going on to higher education in the United States.

Brazilian Diploma

Students earn their Brazilian diploma at the private international school that partners with WAY American School.

American Diploma

Students earn their American high school diploma at WAY American School.

Engaging And Encouraging

At WAY American School, we believe students should get the best of American education. Learning should be engaging and encouraging to students. It should encourage self-esteem, independence, and develop 21st century skills. Our approach is built on three core components.

Project Based Learning

Students explore authentic, engaging, and real-world problems.

Competency Based Learning

Students progress by mastering learning standards in their courses.

Blended Learning

Students work online and in-person for their courses.

Our Model

At WAY American Schools, we offer grades 9 - 12. Here are some key features of our schools:

  • American High School Diploma - Students are on a path towards an accredited American high school diploma
  • Taught In English - All classes are taught in English
  • Social Studies & English - Students focus on American Social Studies and English courses
  • Small class sizes - In-person classes average 15 - 20 students
  • U.S. Certified Teacher - Students work with certified U.S. teachers in person and online
  • HERO - Students and parents can use HERO to access the curriculum and grading online

WAY American School Vocabulary

To help our students see learning differently, we use different words for traditional school terms.

  • Projects - Course content
  • Lab Expert - U.S. certified teacher
  • Researcher - Student
  • Lab - Classroom