Start A School

WAY American School is always striving to partner with like-minded schools, individuals, and organizations. We look for organizations that share our vision in expanding educational opportunities for young people. We hold innovation and forward thinking in high regard.

Becoming a WAY American School means joining a network of other top international private schools offering their students a U.S. high school diploma. Today, we have a network of partnerships throughout Brazil and China with various locations inside the best schools in the countries.

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School Within A School

WAY American School partners with international private schools to offer our program for their students.

WAY American School provides the online learning platform, curriculum, and in-person teaching staff.

Professional Development

WAY American School offers professional development on project-based learning, competency based assessment, etc.

WAY American School provides sessions that can be offered as partial-day or full-day sessions in person or remotely. You can even request a custom curriculum from our staff.